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Celebrating halcyon days of  boyhood with all of its crazy antics, collecting fads and ambition. This story is a portrait of schooldays remembered by Swansea boy Bernard Andrew as he recalls the childhood friendships, misadventure and indiscipline of growing up in the changing social landscape of their post war town as it is rebuilt; its people completely unaware of the lurking presence of an enemy agent in their midst. When a close friend suddenly goes missing after a night time beach escapade, leaving behind an empty house and no clues to where he had gone, he will wait fifty more years before discovering the train of events that led to his disapeareance when an e-mail from the other end of time marks a last farewell and the terrifying revelation of the unwitting part he played all those years ago.  The question for you dear reader is do you know who all your friends really are?

The day had progressed and was already afternoon brew up. Sid was looking at me intently a puzzled expression on his face. Leaning over from where he was sitting with Cyril alongside he pointed at me sitting opposite and said, "Keep an eye on him. I'm worried about him." Cyril had obviouly sensed something as well and nodded his head knowingly. " Yes, I had noticed," he said. "It is unusual. Perhaps we should report it? "I was now wondering what was happening with my engineering adventure. It must be something. But of course they were setting me up for a mickey take: Perhaps that I had not yet reached my productive zenith? What had he noticed? Then Cyril, with a cynical grin on his face said, "It's perspiration Sid, but not as we know it. I'ts a very rare phenomenon for an apprentice. Then he turned to me and said,"He's noticed a bead of sweat on you forehead Taff and doesn't want you to overdo things." They both chuckled, or was snickered the right word? I didn't really know what to  say to that and seeing my discomfort they both roared with glee, even more as I mouthed, "Pair of Bastards!"

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